Brad Mintun, Bill Sherer, and Donald Ford all have one thing in common: They love to understand and exceed client expectations. They do this through having a high degree of professional pride and personally investing countless hours of their own time and effort to produce work that is of the highest quality. Over the past few years, they have grown their company, Expectation Manager, into a premier organization, one that is known for meeting the needs of their clients and helping them recognize why their own business outcomes suffer and how to improve them in a way that benefits everyone.


The idea to found Expectation Manager came organically to Brad, who now serves as the president of the organization. As Brad took on various leadership roles in his career, he developed an aptitude for managing expectations. He had the ability to easily recognize and predict outcomes in client situations, whether they affected him personally or were brought on by the colleagues he managed. He realized that business transactions could be successful every time if the parties involved understood expectations and were able to set them to the correct level. Without managed expectations, the outcomes often suffered due to an ever-increasing gap between client expectations and the actual delivery.


With this aptitude in mind, Brad set out with the goal to help people better manage expectations with the hope that by doing so, his clients could improve and keep the relationships with their own contacts. He consulted many books and countless articles on expectation management, yet no one could provide an actual mechanism to manage them. So, noticing this gap in business education, Brad set out to do just that. He is joined by Donald and Bill who have the same demonstrated ability to manage expectations and deliver on them to build strong, long lasting relationships. Together, these three colleagues are now ready to reach out and help others learn the same techniques that have made them so successful in their careers thus far.



 Brad Mintun (President, Founder):

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Brad Mintun has always seen the bigger picture. Ever since he was a child, he was known for being a visionary, constantly generating ideas and unique approaches to his life and his work. He enjoys the challenge of blending business and technology in ways that are beneficial to all. He brings extensive experience in executive management, solution sales, and clouting to EM. In his spare time, he loves building and racing cars.


Bill Sherer (Vice President, Co-Founder):


Every visionary needs a partner who is highly detailed and diligent. That’s where Bill Sherer comes in. He is extremely methodical and brings a lifetime of experience as a business owner to his work at EM. Known for bringing people together, Bill is an exceptional leader. In his spare time, he is an avid mountain biker.


Donald Ford  (Vice President, Co-Founder):


Donald Ford is the technology brains behind EM. With unrelenting determination and skill, he is able to solve even the most difficult technology issues calmly and efficiently. In his spare time, Donald loves photography and composing his own music.