Relationships matter.

I’ve been very fortunate in my professional career.  I’ve worked with some great people who challenged me and gave me great opportunities.  In the last few years I’ve found myself in meetings with the largest bank in the world on Wall Street, and spending 3 months in Australia doing strategy consulting with the largest secondary [...] Read More

Changes in the CRM market

Customer Relationship Management has always been a key discipline in any business organization.  Like most things related to business, the evolution of that “thing” tends to follow the money.  With CRM platforms the evolution has been to manage the customer in terms of the potential revenue which that customer might generate… really focusing on any [...] Read More

Just released!

We’ve just released our mobile CRM product Expectation Manager to the AppStore!  Get it here:

Expectation Manager Product Description

Expectation Manager is a CRM product that puts the focus back on the customer and the relationship.  Managing a personal relationship, and the expectations that go with it, are the keys to improving your success and results. Good relationships separate the valued strategic partners from everyone else. Expectation Manager provides the platform to take your [...] Read More

Development Progress

We are actively working on getting Expectation Manager ready to go!  Here is a quick peek at what is coming: